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Anthea's Diary 2003


Melbourne’s own Anthea Sidiropoulos, singer/songwriter of various languages, (English/Greek/Turkish) diverse musical genres and personas (Janis Joplin cover band) finally emerges in her own right to debut at this year's Melbourne Fringe with a musical account and light hearted look at memoirs written in times of adversity.

This opinionated singer/songwriter has taken her life and the many things she has survived and created a musical performance featuring moments, memories and real life tragedies as recorded in her diary.

Surviving Hodgkin’s disease (cancer of the lymph glands), broken marriages, severe reactions to HRT testosterone reactions to counteract her chemotherapy, spiritual retreats, white tail spider bites and Bellydance workshops, Anthea can’t help but have an honest yet humoristic view of looking at her life through a glass with water in it. Is the glass half-empty? Or is the glass half-full? Anthea has her own ideas but the audience is left to decide for themselves.

A strong believer of “you can do what you want, be who you are, only drop the expectation…” Anthea allows audiences to experience her life through her music in what is a frank and honest account of survival and tragedy. It is often said that it takes 7 years for the body to fully expel traces of chemotherapy and in this, Anthea’s seventh year since her treatment, she is embracing her memories of that painful time in her life and expelling them, in front of a live audience. Anthea performs her songs solo and acoustic, presenting her life as a musical journey of experiences.

Anthea’s Diary appears as a Fringe Festival appetiser, ‘food for thought’ if you will, at the early timeslot of 6.45pm Melbourne to San Francisco, Cairns to Melbourne and then into The Peter MacCallum Cancer Hospital for a Bone marrow transplant… the Diary continues… The cocoon has evolved…. The butterfly emerges…


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