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Mediterranean Dreaming 2003


The Olympics are only a nightmare away… how does one prepare? A singing mermaid finds the answer as she goes from one disaster to another still managing to keep all in perspective. From forced migration due to environmental damage of her ocean abode, finding love on the way in the big wild ocean world, escorted by dancing Sirens, God’s and Musicians of many a musical instrument playing Intoxicating Mediterranean melodies of Greek traditional and contemporary ‘Folk-Art’ music, dance and song. Ellar’tte, Perrar’stte: Come, enjoy…. music to soothe your sit and move your soul…

Anthea Sidiropoulos: Vocals, Chanting, Balalaika + Percussion
Irine Vela: Lute, Bouzouki & Guitar (ARIA winners HaBiBis, Tropfest 2003, 1975)
Mulaim Vela: Guitar (HaBiBi’s+80’s Blues band ‘BlueRuin’)
Achilles Yiangoulli: Bouzouki (Rebetiki, HaBiBi’s, Greeks on Roof)
Jenny Thomas: Violin, Accordion, Darabuka (Akin)
Daniel H Richardson: Flute, Dubeleki (ZaZu, Unified Gecko)
Kathy Vlassopoulos: Dance choreographer (Mangala, RMIT, MelbUni)


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