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Pearl 2000
The Ultimate Janis Joplin Show

Written by: Mark Etheredge Oct 2000

Pearl/Janis: La' Bia Quoit:
Having attained near legendary status singing in any other language bar Texan, La' Bia has successfully recorded an album of contemporary "Lifestyle" music, winning trans Pacific, Atlantic, and Vestite accolades. Currently performing with a variety of travelling dwarfs, she has been noticed loitering at numerous festivals with the specific intent of appearing as Co-host. Her most recent achievement was to touch John Farnham on the shoulder at a music industry dinner. Police records tend to paint a rather more delicate region.

Rant Clemens-Clement:
Discovered in the far north of far north Tasmania performing with a reputed anti-logging trio. Has so far improved his renowned ability to out consume all comers in the fields of mind altering substances, pot still whisky, and potent Indian hemp; currently second only to Keith Richards, and two other dead guys. His favourite colour is still blue. Boasts an above average XXOS manhood.

Raôul San Bernardi:
Dismal failure in retail hardware. Reverted to semi useful community position as lollypop person, until restraining order caused temporary holiday at government's pleasure. Has written unpublished handbook "Old age and associated pensions" for the elderly on pensions. Dislikes animals. Has spent previous year in bed.

Lars Thigh:
Maintains mythical status amongst masochists by regular demonstrations of own invention: the "Cactiguitar", a musical instrument made completely from Extremis painfulness, a rare succulent of Mexican origin grown into the shape of CBS Stratocasters and strung with aged arrowmint. Recently stepped out of the closet and straight into the bedroom for yet another escapade on "Lars Thigh - this is your wardrobe".

Stig Maraschino:

No information currently available. Pending an inquiry.

Tob Lambrosquano: Ditto as above.

Oh Lord, won't you buy me a Mercedes Benz.....

Me and Bobby McGee

Ra˘ul San Bernadi aka Mark Etheridge
Always remembered, never forgotten

C'mon and Cry Baby...

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