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Archived Bio

Anthea: who is she?

Diverse and dynamic vocalist/performer Anthea (aka Jewels) Sidiropoulos has enjoyed a music career spanning over 15 years as an indie-artist. She has covered everything from originals to covers in Blues, Funk, Rock, Soul and in the likes of Janis Joplin, Tina Turner, Aretha Franklin, the Greek Blues (Rembetika) the Greek love songs (Kantathes) and the 60’s & 70's ‘new wave’ and ‘entekno ~ art music’ of Greece.

Anthea has produced four CDs and has appeared on many others. Aside from the genres previously mentioned, two of the CDs she released, were of Meditation/Relaxation content.


A vocalist for numerous bands, Anthea has collaborated with many significant figures/composers in the music industry and received extensive vocal training from the more reputable institutions and vocalists in Australia including Bettine McCorn at Melba Conservatorium of Music and composing and arranging with Joe Paparone at Eastern Hill Conservatorium.


Undeniably talented, with a voice that stems from the depths of a soulful heart... singer, songwriter, survivor......a daughter of the Greek Diaspora in Australia, Melbourne-borne Anthea Sidiropoulos grew up in a household where politics and music was always present, especially through her father, the late Theo Sidiropoulos, first Greek migrant elected as Mayor of Collingwood, then Member of the Legislative Assembly in the Victorian Parliament.

In the 60's and 70's it was the music of the New Wave, a social and cultural movement that swept Greece and represented cultural rediscovery and a new seriousness about what it was to be Greek both in Greece and here in Australia.

Anthea identified with this through her writing from an early age. She wrote her first poem about isolation from Australian society because of her name at the age of 9. A poem of thanks, citing her parents struggle of migration at age 14, and numerous songs and poems since.

She was twice finalist at The Antipodes Songwriting Festival in both 1989 and 1992 and collaborated with composer Achilles Yiangoulli to reach the finalist position at the MusOz songwriting competition of 2001.

Anthea's musical endeavors began in contemporary music of rock, pop, funk and blues. A serious illness and too close a contact with death led her in a new direction ~ into the music of her family, her roots, her spirit, expanding her songwriting and composing talents to melodies of an ambient nature, more so since exploring spiritual practices.

With a music career that has switched on and off and on again, spanning 15years, now after a 7year hiatus, Anthea returns to what she loves most – her singing…

Anthea’s diversely colorful musical past has prepared her to present her future performances of her own songs, interspersed with contemporary and traditional Greek Folk-Art pieces, some of which can be found on her CD 'Full Circle'. This is an opportunity to share her latest musical direction...

As Tony Georgiou wrote: 'Expect a smorgasbord of music whenever you see Anthea perform. Her shows are designed to wake us up to an era of multi-cultural diversity…… A holistic survival toolkit! Guaranteed to surprise! Her shows are full of vitality, supported by her powerful vocal ability. This is not only a great act to see, it is an experience!'

As Geoff Speigal reviewed for the MBAS (Melbourne Blues Appreciation Society) in November 1994... 'whether she comes back as 'Pearl, Janis, or Jewels... she'll be great'

sees Anthea’s profile rising further by being a sought after performer:


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Sept/October 1993
~ Anthea travelled to Los Angeles, San Francisco, Texas, and New Orleans, to research her show ‘Pearl-the Ultimate Janis Joplin show’ - There she met and performed 4 shows with Janis’ band members from ‘Big Brother and the Holding Company’ and ‘The Kozmic Blues Band’ - She also interviewed colleagues, associates and family of Janis, which ultimately gave Anthea the insights she needed to write the show. Anthea returned to Australia and wrote, produced and starred in "Pearl - the Ultimate Janis Joplin show" touring from Melbourne to Cairns in 1994.

Anthea's first musical ventures were in the world of rock and pop, a long way away from the music of her roots….. Her first performances were at the age of 7 at the local church, at the same time learning piano from well known pianist Robyn Wright. Expanding to her early school years then further into high school, Anthea picked up the guitar as well as trying out the saxophone! As the years went on:

Cover bands included: RoXXon, Check One Two, Cool Running, Cher/Aretha tribute
Music Theatre: The Kind and I, Jesus Christ Superstar, RockyHorror,
Acting.... The Comedy Company's 'Con the Fruiterer's beeeoodifull eldest daughter… 'Roula' + the odd extra work on Neighbours, embassy and adverts.

Studying Voice with:
1987 Vanetta Fields, 1988 Bettine McCorne at Melba Conservatorium of Music, 1993 Belle Foster, and 2000 John Lander

Studied acting with:
Stella Pullo, Lindy Davies, Deborah Furness, Dean Carey, The Actors Studio Sydney.

Studied Musical Arranging and Composition:
At Eastern Hill Conservatorium with Joe Paparone - 1992

City of Darebin ~ Youth Services

Co-ordinating officer for Decibels Freeza Gigs:

Youth Events ~ Underage No drug or Alcohol

The Spirit:

Anthea has been a student of metaphysics for over 20 years and works as a Reiki practitioner at various wellbeing centres around Melbourne. She holds a 'Diploma of Psycho -Spiritual Healing' majoring in Reiki Mastership at Alpha Omega Healing and Education Centre through the Holistic Healers Association of Australia, and is currently studying for a Diploma in Communication and Counselling.

Through this centre, Anthea has also obtained certificates in Holistic Meditation, Holistic Stress Management, Holistic Communication and Counselling, Personal Growth Facilitation and Advanced Reiki, and is currently studying Spiritual Astrology.

Anthea also wishes to acknowledge the work of Diane Boothe, Rainbow Serpent Journey, which is influencing her study of 'Intuitive Sound Healing' approved by the Society of Natural Therapists and Researchers (SNTR).

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